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Kian's Work Experience

Posted by Paul 17/07/2018 1 Comment(s)

We're delighted at Princes to have Kian completing his work experience placement with us.

Kian is currently a student at Thomas Adams School. He will be taking his GCSE exams within the next year and is looking forward to taking on an apprenticeship in his chosen field. Find out what Kian has to say below: 

"My name is Kian Evans. I am doing my work experience at Princes in Prees. When I was told about work experience I wanted to do something hands on like in a garage or something but most businesses don't offer that because of health and safety issues. So, I thought that I could ask Princes to see if I could do something there. Now I am doing computer work which I'm not very good at but I'm getting there slowly. Also Princes is only up the street so I can walk there. After I complete my GCSE's I would like to get an apprenticeship with an electrician or a plumber as it's good money and you get to use your hands. In school I am in Year 10 going into Year 11. For my GCSE's I have taken BTEC PE, History and Technology because I like doing sport, practical tasks and find it interesting to find out about history."

We're really happy with Kian's progress so far at Princes, he is completing tasks which he is completely unfamiliar with. We hope that he gets a small insight into our trade which will help him progress further within the electrical / plumbers trade. It's fantastic to see a young person showing such will and who is extremely hard working. 


1 Comment(s)

Diana Bradshaw:
17/07/2018, 05:09:57 PM

Kian is my son and has told me he’s enjoying his work experience with princes,thank you for giving him this opportunity

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I would like to congratulate you on your customer service and reliability. We have used your services on a number of occasions and this company has got it right. I will recommend your company to my clients, and myself and my family will be using your shop in the future to buy electrical equipment. Personal service is key to a successful business and that is what you have.
I would like to say how impressed I have been with your company, the overall quality of service really has been to a very high standard indeed. I will have no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone.
I wanted to say thank you on behalf on the committee for your prompt and excellent service. It is very seldom nowadays that customer service is a positive thing, but I have been very impressed with your efficiency and willingness to help when we needed it urgently.
Just a quick note of thanks to the men who conducted the work at our premises and our previous property. As always they were polite, helpful and extremely neat and tidy and are the main reason why we have reused Princes and will again in the future.